It’s late. So to borrow something from my good friend Dr. Hagan, this will be “quick hits style.”

1) We saw the Red Sox yesterday. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… Varitek is the nicest guy ever. Salt of the earth.

2) Tek, Kevin Cash, the rest of the catchers and Coach Tucker are using our tiny CM100TM training mitt every day… more than their regular mitts. It is “invaluable.”

3) Knuckle ball mitt update: yep, we’re making a knuckle ball mitt. Cash is breaking in the first samples and it’s a go.

4) Every month we get e-mails asking why Tek’s web is so floppy and loose. Some ask if it is the rawhide stretching out. I’ll tell you that Jason is very meticulous when it comes to his gear. The web is loose by design. More details tomorrow about this.

5) Dice-K has a nice spiral. He’s been tossing the football around. I thought it was for fun, but a security guard told me that he’s been doing it every day. Maybe there are secret talks going on about replacing Tom Brady?

6) Saw the Twins yesterday, too. All’s cool over there. Mike Redmond, Drew Butera, Allan de San Miguel, and Jose Moralas are all psyched on the gear. Redmond is still wearing the super old-school cotton-filled CP20S. Butera loves our Shock Jock cup and jock.

More tomorrow about today. Does that make sense?
stan the junior