5am… drop dad off at the airport so he can fly to Arizona.  Find 96.1 K-Rock, Florida’s hard rock station.  Metallica is playing.  Sick!  It’s nothing like a little Metallica to get the morning started right.  Then Guns N Roses.  Then AC/DC. 

7:15am… driving to Red Sox camp.  Still tuned to 96.1.  Guns N Roses is playing.  Then Metallica.  Then Nirvana.  Then AC/DC.  Starting to wonder about this station’s playlist.

1pm… drive from Red Sox camp to Subway for lunch.  Still tuned to 96.1.  Metallica.  Again.  Is someone just broadcasting the four bands on his MP3 player? 

1:15pm… driving to Sarasota.  Guns N Roses.  Pearl Jam (oh, a little variety).  AC/CD.  Nirvana.  Metallica.  Reliving grade school is starting to get old.

 1:45pm… losing 96.1… flip to another channel.  Guns N Roses!  Flip to another channel.  Metallica!

1:50pm… turn the radio off.