This weekend my girlfriend, Megan, decided to skip the impending 10 inches of snow back home in Boston and visit me while I was making the rounds in and around the Tampa area.

Megan is a doctor.  Internal medicine.  She’s wicked smaht.  Often times we’ll be out for dinner or at some get together with some acquaintances and there might be someone new who doesn’t know either of us.  It doesn’t take long after the usual pleasantries for that someone to ask what we do for a job.  Megan will say something elegant about how she’s a doctor, how she works in a hospital in Everett, etc.  The focus naturally turns to me and that someone asks, “and Stan, what do you do for a living?”  Sometimes before I can respond they follow up with “are you a doctor, too?”  To which I usually blurt out, “Um, no.  I engineer jock straps and cups.”  The aftermath is quite varied… sometimes I get a blank look, but often times I get giggles and smiles.

Saturday was no exception.  Our sales rep in the Tampa area, Bill Gorman, invited Megan and me out to dinner with his wife, Vicky.  If you are ever in the Tampa area, check out Iavarone’s… you won’t be dissapointed (  I had perhaps the best steak in my life.  The ambiance is very charming, and the owner, Carmine, is beyond nice.  It’s rumored that Steinbrenner stops by now and again.  Anyway… back to jock straps.  That evening I pulled my usual jock strap gag.  This time it was to a former college football coach.  He was impressed.

But the best part is that earlier that day I was actually dealing with jock straps and cups.  I was at the Phillies and Pete Laforest started raving about how much he loves our new “Shock Jock” cup and jock.  It’s not every day that a guy pulls down his pants to show me his crotch and talk about how well the cup and jock fit.  Maybe I just have that effect on people?  Anyway, he was saying that it’s the best fitting cup and jock combo out there (and trust me… these MLB guys can try just about any cup and jock on the market… there are bins upon bins of them in each equipment room).  He said that he likes that our design is fairly narrow, but deep enough, and it’s got the soft edges on the side to reduce chafing.  Anyway, don’t take Pete’s word for it… go try it yourself.  Just don’t drop your trowsers in front of me.

Anyway, I’ve got lots more stories and pictures from the last few days… more on the way….

In Orlando,