So it seems like y’all want to know more about jock straps. My last post seemed to strike a chord with many (well, at least the number of visitors nearly doubled).

Today I swung by the Astros. And yes, I got some more great comments about the Shock Jock. Sorry, ladies, no photos of Brad Ausmus modelling our jock strap and cup. Both Ausmus and the up and coming Josh Johnson made a point to say that the cup does it’s job protecting their twig and berries** and it is mighty comfortable, too. While both don the same model cup, they perfer two different, shall we say, “techniques?” Ausmus uses our K200 jock strap to hold the cup firmly in place while Johnson’s preferred carrier is our catcher’s short (the CPS2006).  Now that I know this is such a hot topic, I’ll do my best to do a little locker room “research” and get some pictures.

** Term in no way implies size nor stature.***

*** Editor’s note: it’s not the size of the ship, but the motion of the ocean. Or similarly, it’s not the size of the wand, but the magic of the magician.

Now what’s really cool is that Josh makes his own bats.  He works for BWP Bats out of Brookville, PA (  How awesome is it that he selects his own wood, turns it down to the optimal shape, and then applies the finish?  It’s like the modern day equivalent of forging your own sword.

stan jr