So I’m hitting two teams a day down here in Florida. At each camp I interact with anywhere between one and five security guards before I get to the clubhouse. Some times I can slip right in without any issues, and sometimes I have to wait for them to radio to so and so, to get permission from so and so, who asks so and so if it’s OK for me to enter. In talking with some of these guards as I wait for the radio to crackle with “OK, send him in” we invariably talk about where they are from. Lots of these security guards are retirees and many are snowbirds down in Florida for the winter months. But it seems like 4 out of 5 are from the Boston area. Just today I was talking with a guy originally from Marblehead (just north of Boston). Yesterday it was a guy from Woburn (just west of Boston). Then there was the ex homicide detective from East Boston. Seems like everyone’s got a connection to the Boston area.

–stan jr.