Another quick snippet from today’s visit with the Dodgers… because I need to have at least one jock strap story a day it seems.  I had my camera with me today, but no photos.  I had to wear a badge that clearly read “No Autographs.  No photographs.”

I caught up with Gary Bennett after he got off the field.  As we were chatting about his gear he was undressing and he casually took his Shock Jock cup out of his K200 jock strap and tossed the cup in his locker.  Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to ask him for any direct feedback.  Soon after AJ Ellis walked in.  His locker is right next to Bennett’s.  I checked in with him to make sure he got all his gear, etc.  He then grabbed a box we sent him that he hadn’t opened yet to make sure he had everything.  Right on top was the Shock Jock cup and jock strap.  He saw them and exclaimed something like “Allright!  I’ve been wanting to try this cup.  Gary keeps saying it’s the best.”  Again, I never thought a cup and/or a jock strap would elicit so much enthusiasm.

Okay… one more jock strap story.  This is from last year, but I was reminded of it tonight because my dad visited with the Giants today.  Last year we rolled out the Shock Jock for the first time and gave a few to each of our catchers.  When my dad and I checked in with the Giants I asked Guillermo Rodriguez if he got his cup.  He answered by making a fist and tapping it against his nether region, producing a nice hollow thud, and saying “I’m wearing it right now.”  Well, that was cool.

A moment later Steve Holms, a Minor League Invitee started talking with Guillermo and me.  I asked him the same question… “did you get the new cup and jock?”  Somehow he slipped through the cracks, and we didn’t ship him a cup or jock.  To which Guillermo replied “Oh, man, you’ve got to try it.  Here!”  He reached into his pants, pulled out his Shock Jock cup and handed it toward Steve.  Steve took at least one step back and said “I’m not touching that thing!”

Anyway, on that note… it’s late and I’ve got to get up early to see the Marlins and Cardinals tomorrow.

Check in tomorrow for more exciting news from the sporting goods world.  Same bat time, same bat channel.

–stan jr.