Today I saw the Dodgers.  I thought it was a bit odd that there was a microphone, several strobe lights, and a couple of amps at one end of the clubhouse locker room.  Looking around  some more, I saw several other lights and strobes hanging precarioulsy from lockers and shelves… all pointing toward that mic.

I went about my business… you know, checking on the jock straps and cups.  Then Mitch, the equipment manager walked by me and mumbled something about American Idol.  “Huh?” I mumbled back.  He then explained that I had just missed the Dodger’s version of American Idol.  Darn.  I guess they had various performances this morning before I arrived.

Must have been some sort of team building exercise.  Forget high ropes courses and trust falls.  American Idol is where it’s at for building team camaraderie and fellowship.

Mitch would not disclose who won.  But I’m willing to bet that Joe Torre’s rendition of “Oops I Did It Again” earned him the top spot.

–stan jr