It’s getting kind of lonely traveling across Florida all by my self.  But it’s pretty clear why my dad sent me to Florida and not Arizona… all this driving and staying in a different hotel every night.  In Arizona you can basically use one hotel as your base for the two weeks that you are there.

So I find it somehow fitting that on the day I visited the Pittsburgh Pirates in Bradenton, I passed a work crew on the side of the road:


This was just a mile down the street from the Pirate’s complex.  Dad, where are you sending me?

On my way leaving the Pirates I was half expecting to see something like this:

(Picture courtesy of any number of websites out there)

I stopped at one of the 10,000 Cracker Barrels for lunch (I swear there is a Cracker Barrel at each and every exit off the highways of Florida).  What was really odd is that I took my seat, and as I was perusing the menu, the Soggy Bottom Boys came on the radio and were singing Man of Constant Sorrow.  Coincidence?  I think not.

–stan jr.