You know, everyone thinks that it’s like a vacation going around to all these camps. You know, rubbing elbows with big time players, hanging around locker rooms, hearing the latest clubhouse gossip. But it’s work I tell ya!

A lot of what we do is hurry up and wait. We get up early in the morning, drive to the training facility, get through security, catch up with the equipment manager and then try to catch players before they hurry off to the field. But sometimes you’re thwarted because a few guys are taking early morning BP and then rushing out to their sessions and drills. So you wait. And you wait some more.

Depending on the level of security, I might be able to walk out on to the fields and watch some practice. Sometimes, however, I’m stuck twiddling my thumbs in the locker room.

My trip to the Yankees was perhaps the longest wait. Legends Field definitely had the tightest security of all the complexes. I had to wait for 45 minutes in the lobby before I could get into the clubhouse. Maybe this is standard practice, but I suspect that I got special treatment because they knew I’m from the Boston area.

By the time I got into the locker room, everyone had just hit the field. So I spent the next 3 hours watching practice from the dugout. I couldn’t really wander out of the dugout, and a lot of the practices were taking place on other fields. But I’m not complaining… it was pretty sweet being there.


Jose Molina’s MVP2000ML in the pile of bags
while Posada takes some BP hitting switch.

More stories from theYankees to follow…
stan jr.