While I waited 45 minutes in the lobby of Legends Field to see the Yankees, I was psyched to see this photo of Joe Girardi proudly displayed.


This same Sports Illustrated cover from November of ’96 hangs in my dad’s office. Girardi sported our gear for years back when he was behind the plate. My father and Joe go way back.

We’re a family business, and in turn we have always taken care of players’ families… even long after they’ve left the backstop themselves. Here are a few shots of Joe suiting up his son in the gear we sent him back in January:






You can find more photos by going to the Yankees website below, clicking on their photo gallery, and then selecting the gallery titled “2/15 Girardi Spring Training.”

How cool would it be to be that young and march out onto Legends Field? Just sitting steps away in the dug out was pretty cool for me.

After seeing all the players, I dropped in and said hello to Joe on my way out. What a nice guy. We first met two years ago back when he was on the Marlins. He still gives us feedback on how to keep making our gear better and better.

stan jr.