Okay.  Sorry for the delay in writing, but I had to make a planned detour after seeing the Sox and Twins on Monday and before starting to see the AZ teams.  The detour involved a whirlwind tour of Texas, giving three “technical presentations” about our baseball products to about 100 store managers for one of our retail customers at three of their locations.

Here is a quick run down of my last few days:

Monday evening:
– Fly from Ft Myers to Dallas, TX
– Have a security guard wish me a happy birthday and notify me that my driver’s license has expired
– Start researching how to renew my driver’s license while not physically back in MA
– Try to renew license online… but the website is not working

– Spend 30 minutes on the phone waiting to speak with someone at the MA RMV… had to hang up because I was running late to:
– Give technical presentation in Dallas (which includes some of the “technical” demonstrations here: http://www.all-starsports.com/multimedia/)  
– Drive from Dallas to San Antonio with Frank, our sales rep in the area… about 5 hrs in the car.  Luckily, he’s driving, since my license is now expired.
– Spend another 3o minutes on hold at the RMV, lose cell phone signal
– Spend another 25 minutes on hold at the RMV.  About to hang up, when a real, live person answers.  He said the website should be working the next day and that is the only way to renew without coming to the RMV in person (way back in Boston)
– Oh, yeah.  Happy Birthday.

– Visit with an account to finalize details about getting our Custom Design Lab up and running on their site for easy online ordering
– Give technical presentation #2
– Drive another 5 hours with Frank to Houston
– RMV driver’s license website still not working.  Great.

– Call RMV.  Wait on hold another 25 minutes.  Speak with women who agrees to overnight a “pink slip” to extend my driver’s license.  This will be sent to hotel.  But what happens if the car rental company (name kept secret) notices my license has expired?
– Give technical presentation #3
– Fly from Houston to Phoenix next to a really adorable 18 month year old who wouldn’t stop playing patty-cake with the seat-back in front of her (the passenger in that seat was not too happy)
– Take a deep breath before renting car.  Woman at desk doesn’t realize license is expired.  Phew.
– Get to rental car.  It’s only got 400 miles on it.  New car smell.
– Leave lot, hand license to security guard.  He pauses for a long time.  My heart races, I begin to sweat.  He hands back the license and tells me to have a good night.  I’m off!

– Receive “pink slip” at the hotel so that I’m legal again
– Pick up samples at the A’s and load up the car
– See Jason Giambi drive into camp with his Ferrari (see the twitter feed for pictures… http://twitter.com/AllStarSports)
– Check in with Ted P. the equipment manager and some players
– Meet up with Matt D, one of our sales reps, eat lunch, and make a sales call to a great dealer of ours in the area to discuss our football line.

That’s about that.  Now it’s time to get back to Spring Training.  Follow my somewhat “live” updates or “tweets” from inside the clubhouses at http://twitter.com/AllStarSports.

Rock on,
–stan (jr)