Just like many days, today was a “hurry up and wait” kind of day.  You hurry up to get to the clubhouse to catch the guys before they hit the field, but end up waiting around while they finish eating breakfast, getting in one last hand of poker, or autographing balls by the box full.

The new Indian’s complex is amazing.  The layout is perfect, for both the major and minor league sides.  There’s great flow inside the complex, and there are some nice perks like the cafeteria with a veranda that overlooks a private airfield full of jumbo jets.  It’s a big step up from Winter Haven.  I also scored my first Spring Training schwag.  As a rule we don’t ask for anything when we’re in the clubhouse… especially autographs.  It’s a real privilege to be in there, and we don’t like to abuse it.  The equipment manager, Tony, gave me two killer Indian’s t-shirts.  Thanks, Tony! 

At the Indians all’s cool with minor leaguer Damaso Espino.  He’s heading to the World Baseball Classic for Panama later this month.  We’ll be sending him a set of gear in Royal/Scarlet for the WBC.

Wyatt Toregas is all set, and we’re going to do some custom work with him on his MVP helmet.  Like me, he’s got a size 7 hat size… right on the cusp of our adult/youth size helmets. 

Over at the Brewers, it was more hurry up and wait.  You might think that hanging out in clubhouses is a lot of fun, but after pacing back and forth for over an hour it gets kind of old. 

While waiting for the catchers to finish BP, I chatted up 3rd baseman Bill Hall.  He uses our Shock Jock cup.  He loves the comfort and fit of the soft, flexible sides. 

Mike Rivera, Vinny Rotino, Jonathan Lucroy, and Martin Maldonado all showed up pretty much at the same time.  So we had a round table discussion of the gear and mitts.  I gave Vinny, Jonathan, and Martin our new Titanium face mask and they all got pretty excited over it.  The four of us also discussed a forthcoming product which we’ll probably unveil in about a month or two.  Their response was very positive, similar to Varitek’s and Wagner’s comments earlier in the week.  I wish I could say more, but then it wouldn’t be top secret.

Over on the East Coast, my dad swung through the Tigers because he missed Matt Treanor yesterday.  He also saw Lou Palmisano at the Astros.  He gave them both the new FM25Ti mask, and they were pretty psyched. 

That’s about it.  “Pretty standard, really.”

–stan (jr)