Everyone here at All-Star was pumped to see the Netherlands beat the Dominican Republic the first time… not only because it was so unbelievable, but because we sponsor the Dutch with their catcher’s gear.  In that first game catcher Kenley Jansen made an explosive shotgun throw to toss out Willy Taveras at second to put the Dutch within one out of winning.  I’ve tried to find video recaps on the web, but with no luck.  Let me know if you find a video of Jansen’s throw.  He basically threw from his knees.  It’s so impressive.kenleyjansen

The only video of Jansen I can find is this great play at home.  You might have to watch a commercial first before seeing the action:

Then to see the Netherlands sock it to the mighty Dominican one more time, well, that was really just the icing on the cake.  True David vs. Goliath material.


All the best to the Netherlands as they face off with Puerto Rico for the Pool D title.