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Over the weekend the US Military All-Stars played the Red Sox down at Ft. Myers.  This morning there was some good footage on the local sports cable network, NESN.  I found a few snippets of footage on NESN’s website.  Here is a link to Dan Duquette, former Red Sox General Manager, talking about the US Military All-Stars on NESN.  Note: give the site a few seconds to load the video… it will appear in the top right corner of the screen.  Also, the sound starts off as “mute” so click the mute button to turn on the sound:

And it looks like former New England Patriot’s QB Doug Flutie is making a cameo appearance on the US Military All-Stars at Second Base:

I like Dan Duquette’s point that the US Military brought baseball to many countries such as Germany, Italy, Korea, and Japan.  Seems fitting while the World Baseball Classic is in full gear.

Here are a few baseball cards featuring US Military All-Stars past and present:







Once again, more info about the US Military All-Stars can be found here:

Along with the camo catcher’s gear, we proudly supply the team with the camouflage  batter’s helmets.

— stan